Prairie Vista Meadows Homeowners Association

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Welcome to the Prairie Vista Meadows HOA

Prairie Vista Meadows is located 6 miles East of Falcon, CO on Hwy 24 from Woodman Road to Scott Road

We hope you find Prairie Vista Meadows as serene as the homeowners have to set down family roots.

Thank you,
Chuck Bessant
Prairie Vista Meadows HOA Board, Vice-President

Peyton School District 23 offers bus service to PVM

Provides homes with natural gas

Provides homes with electricity

Service is provided by

Several Wireless ISPs are available

HOA documents are available for download.

If you can’t find what you are looking for,
please feel free to

Thank you,
Chuck Bessant
Prairie Vista Meadows HOA Board, Vice-President


Please send general questions about the HOA or requests for information to the information below

  • Prairie Vista Meadows HOA, Inc.
    P.O. Box 552
    Peyton, CO 80831

Frequently Asked Questions

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a way to ensure a desired level quality is maintained in a given community. Creating an HOA involves the real estate developer (a.k.a. the Declarant) of a community filing Articles of Incorporation with the respective county. Given that it is a corporation, it has similar functions and responsibilities such as a board of directors, managing and maintaining community assets, developing community policies & procedures, filing taxes, etc.

It is highly recommended to read this Wikipedia article which describes HOAs in greater detail.

Section 19.A of the Covenants details what types of animals and how many are allowed on a lot. Please review the section to ensure a clear understanding.

While the covenants indicate that deviations from what is specified can be approved by the board, please do no expect that any will be. This topic has had a profound impact on the community. The community is currently working towards addressing this issue along with an update to the covenants.

Section 2 of the covenants indicates that no garage shall have more than a four car capacity.

Section 18 of the covenants indicates that no vehicles are allowed to be stored or parked on a lot, unless they are stored in a garage. RVs can be parked outside, but must be approved first and must be screened from public view as well.

Section 24 of the covenants indicates that cars unlicensed and non-operational can only be kept on a lot if they are stored in a garage. The section also indicates that no more than ten cars are allowed to be on a lot at any time, unless they belong to guests temporarily at the residence.

Essentially, as soon as a homeowner parks their car on their lot outside of a garage, they are in violation. Only recreational vehicles can be parked outside. Even then, they need to be screened from public view (i.e. the road).


The governing documents detail important legal information concerning how the HOA operates. For the convenience of potential and new community members, the covenants and contruction approval process are publicly viewable.


Original Covenants

Construction Approval Process

Construction Approval Process